How to report a flood

Flooding can impact travel routes, properties and community facilities. By sharing information on where and when flooding takes place you can help others to avoid disruption and be prepared.

  1. After clicking on the “report a flood” button below you will be taken to a map
  2. In the top right hand corner of the map you will find a search box
  3. You can either type in the postcode of the area where the flood is happening, or took place in the last 24 hours, or select the cross and then click on the map in the area of the flood
  4. If you are reporting a flood from a mobile device and have location services turned on your location will automatically be identified on the map
  5. The map operates just like Google map so you can zoom in or scroll to a new location
  6. Once the location of the flood is correctly identified click next in the search box
  7. You will be asked to complete the date, time and type of flooding
  8. After submitting the information you will receive a reference number
  9. If you would like to report another flood, click on report a flood in the top right of the page

If you need assistance throughout the process you can select help from the search box or call the SEPA Contact Centre on 03000 99 66 99.

You can only report one flood at a time. If you have multiple areas to report, you can call the SEPA Contact Centre on 03000 99 66 99. Please remember, only floods within the last 24 hours will be shown.

Report flooding
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Flood Report

Now you have told us where a flood is taking place, or has taken place in the last 24 hours, please provide some information about the time it took place and what type of flooding it is.

Report details

Date of flooding:
What time were you first aware of the flooding?:
Type of flooding:

Description of flooding:

How fast did the flooding happen? How deep was/is the flood water? Is the water clean or dirty? How widespread was/is the flooding?